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About Our Matcha

What's so special about your matcha?

We only handpick the best young buds, so there's nothing commercialized. Whisk Matcha is also a purveyor for the matcha health benefits and striving to incorporate premium matcha into people's modern healthy lifestyle.

What's so special about your organic competition grade?

Since matcha is shade-grown, it doesn't get enough energy from the sun; it requires a lots of strong fertilizers to be added to support its growth, thus almost all competition grade matcha is non-organic. The organic fertilizer that's certified by USDA/JAS usually doesn't contain enough nitrogen to make matcha taste as good as conventional ones. 

Our award-winning tencha farm spent many years developing, formulating and experimenting its own organic fertilizers. Eventually the flavour and taste are on par with other competition grade matcha. Unlike conventional tea farms that pesticides are being used, maintaining an organic tea farm requires a lot more efforts in pest control. 

Where is your matcha produced?

Whisk Matcha is from small tea farms in Kyoto, Japan. Uji to matcha is like Bordeaux to wine; it's the wellspring for premium matcha production. Given the area's historical tradition, geographic latitude, humidity, enriched soil and unique cultivars - Uji matcha stands out from any other matcha-producing region in Japan and around the world.

We now also carry a brand new grade from Hoshinoseichaen in Yame, Fukuoka. 

What is Uji matcha?

Only matcha grown, harvested and processed in Uji area can be called Uji matcha. What's so special about it? The distinctive taste and deep aroma. It tastes less grassier or toastier than the matcha from other regions, and works extremely well in baking. 

How is matcha different from regular green tea?

Firstly matcha tea leaves are grown in shade prior to harvest; secondly dried tea leaves (Tencha) are ground into micro-fine powder; lastly matcha can be dissolved in water so the whole tea leaves are being consumed.

Do you offer discount, promotion or price adjustment?

Our competition grade matcha and some limited-edition Japanese teawares will not be on sale due to extremely tight profit margin. Other products may be on sales once a while on select holidays such as Winter Holidays, Valentines, Brand Anniversary etc. Please make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media account to get exclusive offer & promo notification. 

What is a Ceremonial grade matcha?

There's no strict definition for Ceremonial grade matcha in Japan. It's a Western term to define that the quality of matcha is good enough to be served at a formal Japanese tea ceremony and can be enjoyed as clear tea. It's like if you have guests coming over to your house for dinner and you'd like to treat them some good wines; how good is good though? For some people, $20/bottle is good enough and for some people, $200/bottle is more appropriate. Commonly, Ceremonial grade matcha is made from first harvest tea leaves so it's less bitter and can be enjoyed as Usu-cha (thin tea) without adding any sweeteners. However this is not strictly reinforced so buying Ceremonial grade matcha doesn't mean you're in good hands of getting high quality teas.

I concerned about radiation in Japanese tea. Is your matcha safe to consume?

After the disastrous earthquake and meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant in Japan 7 years ago, people still have concerns in regards to radioactive particles remain in water and soil. Japan has a very strict measurement for radiation residue level, and most of the tea-producing prefectures have not been detected any residue. 

Each country or region has its own maximum level of Becquerel acceptable for human consumption.

USA: 1200 Bq

Canada: 1000 Bq

International Codex: 1000 Bq

EU: 500 Bq

Japan: 100 Bq

Whisk Matcha is sourced directly from Uji region, Kyoto, Japan, where radiation has never been detected since the disaster

Radiation test report is available upon request.


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Why is your matcha more expensive than some others?

There are expensive wines and cheap wines; same with matcha. Terroir, cultivar, planting technique, harvest time & method, shading methods, fertilization management, and sometimes even roasting temperature control can make a huge difference in the taste and texture of the final product. Whisk matcha is committed to offering world-class quality matcha that is delicious, beautiful and healthful.

I'm very new to matcha. Which one should I start trying?

For an authentic matcha experience, I would recommend to start with our organic UME matcha. If you're going after matcha's health benefits, our organic Everyday grade has all the pure nutrients & health benefits you need, and you can simply add it to your morning smoothie or protein shakes, or make it into a latte by adding some sweetener and/or cream or other alternative to it. Just think about how you enjoy a cup of coffee and follow the style of same route.

Once you've gotten used to the taste and crave a stronger version, I then invite you to try our organic competition grade. It will be a totally different experience.

It's my first time trying matcha, but I find matcha tastes bitter when drinking straight?

Firstly, please ensure the right grade is used for drinking straight-up. Usually culinary grade matcha is not suitable for drinking. All grades of Whisk Matcha can be made into clear tea without the need of adding additional sweetener - including our Everyday grade. Secondly, matcha powder to water ratio is crucial; the higher the grade, the less water required. Lastly, just like wine and black coffee, enjoying matcha is an acquired taste that comes over time. Perhaps try adding it to your smoothies at first and then gradually take it to the next level.  

How much caffeine does matcha have? Can it keep me alert like coffee does?

Matcha contains roughly 25mg of caffeine per serving (1 teaspoon), which is about 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of brewed coffee. The caffeine in matcha is released gradually over time instead of all at once - as is the case with espresso or drip coffee. The caffeine in matcha lasts an average of 3-6 hours (without jitters or a sudden crash in energy).

Is your matcha gluten free & vegan?
Absolutely. All of our matcha products are purely ground from tealeaves without any forms of additives. 

How to brew matcha?Please refer to Sip & Learn -> Matcha Preparation

How to store matcha?
Unopened tin should be stored in a dry cool place, preferably a refrigerated environment. Unopened packages can be stored up to 2 years. Once opened, keep it in an airtight container, and store it away from direct sunlight and strong odor; after one month of opening, the flavor and color will gradually change at a very slow pace. It's recommended to finish your matcha within 3 months of opening.



Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, however we do offer preferred rate for Canada & the United States. Worldwide shipping is handled by Canada Post - you can check shipping rate option at check out.

When is my order shipped?

Usually your order will be processed and shipped the next business day.

How long will it take to get my order?

Some orders may deliver faster than others depending on the value of your order. All domestic orders (in Canada) are processed, shipped and normally delivered within 2-5 business days, U.S orders are processed, shipped and delivered within 5 - 12 business days. International shipping time varies depending on your location. 

How much is your shipping cost?

We work hard to lower our shipping costs to pass those savings onto you. Right now, we offer free shipping within Canada for orders $75 and over. U.S. shipping rate $25.00 CAD flat or free shipping for orders over $200 CAD or more.

Is my personal and payment information safe on your website?

McAfee secure

Absolutely! We take security seriously! Our online store is McAfee Security
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How do I return an item and receive a refund?

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Additionally, for food items, such as matcha, we only accept returns and exchanges for defective* products that are unused and in their original packaging. For non-food items, we only accept returns and exchanges for defective* products that are unopened and in their original packaging. Please email returns@whiskmatcha.ca for more details. All sales items are final sale - no return or exchange is accepted.



Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes, we do. We have first harvest organic Everyday grade matcha, organic Hojicha powder, Genmaicha powder, and Yame Matcha Patisserie available in 1kg package for cafe, bakery or juicery. If you're interested in carrying our products in your store, we also have retail wholesale available. We do not accept consignment program at the moment.

Please refer to Partnership Program page or email partners@whiskmatcha.ca for more information.