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Sometimes, you will have to see it, touch it, smell it, taste it to believe it, and use your heart to feel it. That's the magic of an artisan organic matcha farm; the first flush tea leaves are growing freely, and gently selected and picked by skillful hands once a year only. 

Whisk Premium Matcha is proud to be the one and only organic competition grade matcha distributor & purveyor in North America. Growing competition grade matcha requires extraordinary time and effort, but the end products are amazingly different. 

At Whisk Premium Matcha, we believe in authentic finest matcha made organically from handpicked young tea leaves through a traditional Japanese grinding technique. We know that by following the meticulous process that matcha artisans have followed for thousands of years you will get a bowl of emerald green, smooth and aromatic matcha that mass-produced, commercialized matcha brands cannot deliver. Organic farming is good for our earth, ecosystem, and future generations.

Whisk Premium Matcha strives to build a fine matcha community for people who share and appreciate the same values and vision as well as lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Whisk Premium Matcha is a tea we not only drink and savour ourselves, but one we can fully support and recommend to everyone. We invite you and your loved ones to join our matcha community and start your own healthy urban living today.

Comments, suggestions, inquiries, questions and anything in between, please email: info@whiskmatcha.ca