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Premium Organic Matcha - Everyday Grade
Premium Organic Matcha - Everyday Grade

Premium Organic Matcha - Everyday Grade

Whisk Matcha Organic Everyday provides tremendous value for your everyday enjoyment. Its deep matcha flavour works perfectly with sweeteners and/or dairy/dairy alternatives for your latte/smoothie/desserts.

Whisk Matcha tea is sourced exclusively and directly from organic tea farms situated in the rolling green hills of Uji, Kyoto. The family-run farms have been growing tea plants in organic soil for generations, ensuring that each bowl of matcha is enriched with nutrients and free from pesticides and chemicals. Harvested only once a year in spring, Whisk Matcha teas are guaranteed to be fresh and flavoursome.

Flavour Profile: young asparagus, oceanic brine, robust, hint of red fruits

Matcha contains loads of antioxidants, which act as anti-inflammatory, alkalizing and detoxifying agents in the body.

Whisk Organic Everyday is best for making Usucha and Cold Brew. Click here for brewing instructions

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