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Matcha Coconut Bliss Balls (V, GF)

We recently did an amazing collab with Jade from  Yoggu! Yogurt, and developed a delicious recipe of coconut "fat ball" with all the good fats you need for a healthy heart and gut!
Here're the recipe! Please let me know how you like them :)
Matcha Coconut Bliss Balls: 
-1 Cup Coconut Flour
-3/4 cup Vanilla Yoggu Yogurt
-1/2 cup Coconut Butter
-3 tsp liquid sweetener (maples syrup or agave)
Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Combine well with a spoon, and use hands to knead until desired dough consistency. Then roll into 1-2 inch round balls, and place on a plate to store in the fridge overnight.
For the Coconut Glaze:
-Melt Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil in a small dish
Take Bliss Balls out of the fridge, coat each ball in the glaze evenly. 2-3 coats, and then top with Shredded Coconut and matcha powder if you choose! 

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