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How to make matcha Chinese steamed bun

 A Chinese New Year is approaching; as a most celebrated holiday in China, it’s the time of the year for family gathering and a lot of home cooking. Today we will share a recipe of how to make delicious Chinese steam bun with a healthier twist (matcha!).

This recipe is plant-based with all natural simple ingredients (no baking powder required). 

Ingredients (5 servings):

300g flour, 180ml warm water, 4.5g yeast, 20g of Organic Matcha Everyday grade, 24g sugar 

Step 1: combine sugar and yeast in warm water, stir until fully dissolve and rest for 3 minutes 

Step 2: add the liquid to flour, mix until loosely incorporated

Step 3: Combine the loose flour together into a dough

Step 4: Cover the dough with a damp in a warm environment, let it rise for two hours

Step 5: Dust the surface with with flour, knead the dough to push out the air bubbles until the dough is round and smooth.

Step 6: Divide the dough into 5 portions and knead it to a round ball shape. Optional: add red bean paste to the dough if prefer 

Step 7: On a steamer, fill with cold water, brush some oil or line a damp cloth on the steamer tray, arrange the dough and let it sit for another 5 minutes.

Step 8: Cover the lid, use a large damp towel (large hand towel) to cover the lid, turn the heat on high for about 15 kinutes.

Step 9: Turn the heat to medium when the steam starts to appear for another 15 minutes.

Step 10: Turn off heat and rest for 5 minutes (keep the lid closed)

Step 11: Open the lid and take out the buns (watch out for steam!). Enjoy! 


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