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Ultra-premium Organic Ceremonial UME Matcha 30g
Ultra-premium Organic Ceremonial UME Matcha 30g

Ultra-premium Organic Ceremonial UME Matcha 30g

Introducing our new organic Ceremonial grade matcha, it's smoother in texture and richer in taste. It's an entry level to our competition grade matcha. 

First Harvest | Single Cultivar | Hand Picked | Organic | Usucha

After arduous task of researching for excellent-tasting organic grade matcha, we found this beauty. Directly and exclusively from the only award-winning organic tencha farm in Kyoto, Japan. This ultrapremium organic matcha has been grown organically for generations, ensuring that each bowl of matcha is enriched with nutrients and free from pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. Our matcha is triple tested ensuring radiation and lead level meet the strictest safety standards.

Matcha doesn't get enough energy from the sun during the shading process, thus organic matcha could hardly taste as good as conventional matcha. Conventional matcha tea farms have to add load of artificial fertilizers to support its growth. 

Regular organic matcha farms use standard organic fertilizers that's approved by JAS & USDA for mass production. Those standard fertilizers are not nutrient-rich enough which leads to bitter and poor taste. That's why Organic matcha could hardly compete with conventional ones at Japan's national green tea competition. This grade of matcha is not available in Japanese domestic market, and we're the sole distributor in North America for this organic award-winning tencha farm. 

NOTE: For competition grade matcha, it's crucial to sift prior to whisking. Get your professional matcha sifter here.

Flavour Profile:
baby vegetable, young bamboo, smooth, naturally balanced sweetness.

Matcha contains loads of antioxidants, which act as anti-inflammatory, alkalizing and detoxifying agents in the body.

Whisk Organic Ceremonial is best for making Usucha. Click here for brewing Instructions


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