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Competition Grade Tasting Flight of 3

Competition Grade Tasting Flight of 3


First Harvest | Single Cultivar | Hand Picked | Organic | Triple-Layered Tana Shading | Koicha

Calling all matcha connoisseurs!

Exclusive to Whisk Premium Matcha, you can now experience 3 different kinds of organic competition grade matcha and host a fine matcha tasting for yourself. 

The only difference between all 3 grades are their cultivars. Mass-produced matcha usually use blended cultivars to average out each year's harvest. Single cultivar matcha is very hard to find nowadays; it provides a very unique taste and flavour that blended cultivar cannot pair. 

Unlike other organic matcha, competition grade matcha has no bitterness, sourness or astringency. It requires a lot of money and effort to grow competition grade matcha, and its quantity is extremely limited every year.

NOTE: For competition grade matcha, it's crucial to sift prior to whisking. Get your professional matcha sifter here.


Option 1
3 x 20g matcha in foil bag + Japan-made tea canister + box

Option 2
3 x 20g matcha in foil bag + box


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