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Whisk Matcha Official Launch Party @ Yaletown, Vancouver

To celebrate the official launch of Whisk Premium Matcha, we hosted a private launch party at a lounge room in Yaletown, Vancouver, and had 40 amazing friends and customers witnessed this special celebration. 

We had 3 matcha stations setup: Hot Organic Matcha, Cold Organic Matcha, and Pinnacle Gold Ceremonial Matcha. At the organic matcha tables, matcha lovers got a chance to explore different ways of making a perfect cup of matcha to their liking. They had the choice of adding organic honey, organic raw sugar, organic soy milk, organic almond milk, or half & half into their matcha. Usually we will start with a question like: how would you enjoy your coffee or other types of tea such as Orange Pekoe? Go with the same route to acquire the taste of matcha. 

matcha tasting party

Our ceremonial matcha table was a hit with people attempting their first matcha-whisking experience. It's not a quick fix to your caffeine craving; whisking matcha is a state of art, a meditation, and a getaway from daily stress and chaos. Our precious Pinnacle Gold matcha is perfect for this ritual - it's the best of the best artisanal matcha you could ever find.

matcha tasting party, matcha whisking

matcha whisking

Adding more fun to the party, attendees would need to answer some matcha-related trivia questions. Our young volunteers were serious about their job! You could't cheat and you'd have to give out the best answer you could ever think of.

Here comes the cake cutting. We ordered this beautiful matcha cake from a local patisserie chef by using our own organic Everyday grade. It's garnished with edible flowers and fresh assorted berries. 

matcha cake

Last but not the least, we had a draw of our grand prize winner, and the lucky winner got an artisanal Pinnacle Gold matcha with a handcrafted black bamboo scoop.

matcha party

At Whisk Matcha, we strives to connect people and promote a healthy, natural lifestyle in a modern and fun approach. Please stay tuned for our next local workshop and event!

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