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Whisk Matcha: Quality Over Quantity... Always!

These days its so easy to find yourself weaving through seemingly endless isles of mass produced products at large bulk-buy stores throughout North America – and beyond. Unfortunately, healthy items like matcha tea (meant to promote wellness) are also produced in bulk to satisfy an ever-increasing demand that translates to a loss in benefits.

Rest assured, Whisk Matcha is not mass-produced and maintains all its benefits.

At Whisk Matcha we stand by our belief (and passion) for artisanal quality, hand sourced, small-batch grown tea. Our Organic Ceremonial Grade and Pinnacle Gold Grade Matcha are hand picked, rather than machine-trimmed to ensure quality is never compromised. 

Where as larger tea companies sacrifice the many health benefits and nutty-sweet and smooth flavour of matcha: at Whisk, we choose to remain true to our roots in more ways than one.

Our matcha tea leaves are grown through a different, more precise method of harvesting. New growth leaves are picked from the fork of each branch, where all the nutrients are found, not simply snipped by machine at the same point of previous harvest – translating to diluted nutrients and less benefits to you – the consumer.

Our Pinnacle Gold is from a rare tea varietal called Asahi. The tea plants grown in individual planters providing the utmost of control and monitoring rather than in a massive tea field.  

Matcha growing and picking

So the next time you make yourself a warm bowl of our Whisk Matcha, know that you can sit back and relax, sip and savour the fact that we have taken every careful step to insure you are enjoying the very best matcha available!



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