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A campaign for our upcoming matcha cafe in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, May 2020

Hi! Kimmy here 🙋🏻‍♀️!

I soft launched my Kickstarter campaign for our cafe project 2 days ago, by mistake (when I kept clicking through the "next" button, I hit LAUNCH NOW accidentally and it didn't give me a second chance 🤦🏻‍♀️). Thank you for those of you jumped right in and pledged! It means SO MUCH to me.⁠

So a little background about this cafe project (since I didn't make it quite clear in my campaign video - reasons will be explained below). 🔙 4 years ago I saw there's a void in the market for a matcha cafe - there were plenty of matcha cafes in the US, and I think Vancouver would love to have one. However it fell through in the end. I found out that I wasn't ready to leave my little one behind, and also mentally I wasn't that ready to take the commitment. I still remember my commercial leasing agent told me: I want Vancouver people to remember you, Kimmy, the matcha girl!⁠ 🍵

Then I started Whisk Premium Matcha ( It wasn't the most promising start because I didn't really know much about matcha and felt not confident enough to sell just by saying whatever I got from the internet. I packed up my bags and went to Japan to learn. During my trips, I visited hundreds of tea farms and many processing facilities across Japan. It was mind-blowing. Long story short, I stumbled across a small yet award-winning organic tea farm in Kyoto and fell in love. I came back to Canada with a few precious bags of matcha, and launched our new line of products: Organic Competition grade matcha - KURI, KIKYO, and UME. I was a lot more equipped with knowledge after the trips. It was the main changing point for my business.⁠

In the Kickstarter campaign, it didn't tell much about my personal story, because... I have too much to share LOL. The original plan for the Kickstarter Video was me recording myself, but after 2 hours of struggle, I just couldn't cut it. I couldn't connect everything in one short video without boring myself, and if this campaign couldn't reach its goal, there's no point of sharing everything in the first place.⁠

So here's the plan:⁠

When it's reached $5K, I will share a short clip of me talking about my academic and work background, so you know I have some sort of experiences here and there.
When it's reached $10K, I will share a short clip of me and our tea farms in Japan, and my tea hunting journey.
When it's reached $20K, I will share about the reasons behind a "PLANT-BASED" cafe. I'm quite sensitive about this topic so I will leave it to the 2nd last.
When it's 100% reach its goal @$25K, I will reveal a mysterious person behind this brand, and also the one who designs our cafe 

Since I will be doing a matcha pop-up at WeWork Marine Gateway every Monday (except Monday the 17th), I will be offering a FREE matcha drink of your choice for those of you who pledged $50 and more! .

The Pop Up is OPEN to public
WeWork Marine Gateway
ADDRESS: 18th floor, 450 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver
Feb 10th, 18th & 24th 10am - 12pm (with possibility of extending to 1pm)

Meanwhile, please let me know if you have ANY questions. Thank you in advance! Please support and share with your friends by TAGGING them below.

To make a pledge:

Thank you!


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