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White Chocolate Matcha Holiday Rum Truffles

As we head into the Holiday Season we know how quickly calendars fill up with invites to festive gatherings and impromptu parties. No need to fret about what to bring to your next fête, our easy-to-make matcha rum truffles are guaranteed to add a ‘wow’ factor to your arrival (and make the perfect, tasteful gift your host won’t be able to resist).



1/4 cup melted butter

3 tbsp half & half

40g white chocolate chips (we used Hershey’s brand)

1 tbsp Dark Rum

1 tbsp Whisk Matcha Everyday Grade 

White Chocolate Dip:

40g Hershey white chocolate chips

1 tbsp melted butter 



  1. Melt 40g chocolate in microwave (stir in 30 second intervals
  2. Add butter, cream, rum and matcha powder into melted chocolate and mix well until smooth
  3. Cool the mixture and roll them into individual balls (refrigerate for about an hour until it hardens).
  4. Melt 40g white chocolate in another bowl in microwave (or double boiler if you have one)
  5. Add melted butter and stir until smooth 
  6. Using tongs, carefully dip matcha balls in white chocolate mixture and transfer to wax paper.
  7. Shake holiday sprinkles or roll in crushed Candy Cane pieces for added festive flare!
  8. Cool completely before serving

Let us know how you liked this recipe and please share a photo on Instagram with us! Use the tag #MerryMatcha.

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