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Whisk Matcha Collins

The next time it’s cocktail o’clock in your home, break out the matcha and blend it into this classic drink for a refreshing and updated twist! We definitely had fun perfecting the recipe in our own kitchen using the Whisk Organic Ceremonial Grade matcha and our gin of choice: Bombay Sapphire. Try it out yourself this holiday season!



 ½ tsp Whisk Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

2oz water

1oz Simple Syrup

2oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice

3oz Bombay Sapphire Gin

4oz Club Soda



  1. Mix matcha powder with water
  2. Add simple syrup, lemon juice and gin
  3. Top with ice and shake vigorously until well blended
  4. Double strain using a cocktail shaker and pour into highball glass full of ice and top with Club Soda
  5. Garnish with lemon wedge and enjoy!

Let us know how you enjoyed this cocktail recipe and share a photo on Instagram! Be sure to use the #MerryMatcha tag. 

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